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Savings Tip by AARP!

One of my favorite magazines is AARP. Recently the magazine had an article on 100 ways to save money. If you like to save and are over 55, then you probably read this article. If not, and you love saving money then you may appreciate the tip – Try Starter Kits!

Men and women want to look their best. It also makes sense to get the biggest bang for your buck. As you approach and enter retirement, often you face new health concerns that change the way you look at the ingredients in your products. These are the reasons for this article.

As to ingredients, cancer led me to find products free of harsh chemicals. As I searched, often I found natural products to be more costly and didn’t have the results I hoped to see. Have you encountered this? Well, a few years ago I came across a line that was much more cost-effective with great results. Though clinical trials are rare in the beauty industry, several of the line's anti-aging products have successful clinical trials and I’m sold on LimeLife by Alcone products. After using them for years, my skin has never looked better. From skincare to makeup, it offers the perfect products for men and women to look their best look, especially when over 60!

So, how does all of this relate to saving money in the AARP article? Well, LimeLife offers FIVE different starter kits. I never suggest you purchase a starter kit for the discount, but my incentive for the kit was to start a new business. Were the skin care and makeup industries in my background or comfort zone? Absolutely not! But after several years of retirement, it's the opportunity that has me love work again. Not only do you set your hours and you can work from anywhere in the world, but it provides additional income and a supportive community to ensure the golden years are golden! Minimal investment, great products, and positive returns, who can ask for more? In today’s crazy world, maybe it’s time you save on your skincare products AND consider if this adventure might right for you!

Click here for the LimeLife by Alcone opportunity and starter kit and don't forget to check out AARP's 99 other money-saving ideas!

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