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Fear or Fierce

While only a few letters vary in these two words, how you react to a situation makes them miles apart. In today's world, it would be easy to react with fear, but we all need to challenge ourselves to be fierce in order to be the best version of ourselves.

When fear drives us, you become a smaller version of you. You retreat to a safe place, sometimes physically but always mentally. You are special and unique and each and everyone one of us has value to add to all situations. No one else can be you. You are the very best you that exists. Choose to be the best you.

When we are fierce in our actions, we move forward. When you move forward you allow others to follow your lead. Being fierce may not always be easy, but it will allow you to grow in every situation. You alone decide if your action will make you smaller or stronger. When you grow you help others grow by example. Yes, when you move forward you may stumble but to get back up is fierce. Then dust yourself off and take on the challenge to grow and be the best version of you.

Challenge yourself to live fierce. Do not let fear be in charge even during these scary times. Remember there is only one you, no one can do it better than you. Strive each day to be the best you and watch how your actions help others be fierce too.

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