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Frame Your Eyes!

Eyes are the window to your soul, so who doesn’t want to have the perfect curtain on their window frame?

Start with the look and brow shape you like. The shape will help decide if you pluck your brows, thread or wax your eyebrows. Guy’s, your brows are usually thicker, but the same applications apply!

This diagram is a starting point. The inner brow usually begins by placing your brush along your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Next, the arch (or peak) of your brow will be a line from your nose, through the middle of your eye. The tail (or tip) is a point from the nose through the outside of your eye. Application should begin at the arch and move to the tail. Then go to the inner corner and work back out to the arch. The higher concentration of product is placed on the thinnest area which eliminates too much product at the inner corner which may cause brows to look too dark.

Here are three easy ways to get your perfect look!

Eye shadow is a great way to enhance your brows and provides multiple uses for one product. Use two brushes, one being a comb/spoolie for you to comb the brow hairs upward and the other a stiff angle brush to apply the shadow. To get the longest wear, spritz finishing spray on the angled end and then dab the brush in the eye shadow. Use a color close to your natural brow or slightly lighter, but if you like the look of a darker brow there are no makeup rules, so go for it! Application should be short strokes similar in size to the natural brow hairs.

Eyebrow pencils are great for those with very thin brows

or no brows. If you don’t have eyebrows, using a very fine pencil to draw your brow is an easy option or brow templates are also helpful. The pencil should be very fine to mimic individual hairs. Use the same points identified above (even consider placing a small dot at these locations to help you draw) and begin at the arch. Use a short stroke as noted above and again start at the arch working to the tail and then to the inner brow point and move back to the arch. Remember not to stress if they aren’t a perfect match as brows should be sisters and not twins!

Brow gels are mascara for the brows! When using brow gel, begin at the same starting point and stroke upward. The finish look may have the hairs straight up or smooth over ends for a more polished look.

Wider faces may extend the brow tail, or a narrow face may shorten the brow tail. Take the tail upward slightly to give yourself a mini-facelift! If the brows are too dark or have too much product, no worries. Use your brow spoolie to comb out any excess product or a Q-tip is a great way to erase an application gone awry.

There isn’t a right or wrong method, it is the look and application that works best for you that is the right choice. Check out my Facebook link for live tutorials.

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