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Summer Makeup - 5 Products in 5 Minutes!

Is the summer heat melting your face? It takes under five minutes for a great summer look!

Sunscreen is a must! Sun rays age your skin and may cause other skin diseases so use it daily. Natural sunscreens tend to give you a ghost appearance, so use a natural sunscreen that won’t leave a white residue. My favorite works as a moisturizer, has anti-aging properties AND is a great primer for your makeup. One product with four benefits, that’s a definite winner!

Foundation. To cover imperfections such as age spots, broken blood vessels, and blemishes, I recommend a foundation with a wax based that will sit on top of your skin and not disappear when the heat starts to rise. High pigment and a weightless feel is best. As you age, powders have a drying look which ages your appearance. Also, powders and liquids wash off easier at the beach or pool. When heat melts your stamina, don’t let it ruin your foundation too!

Eye liner for mature eyes. Eyes become more hooded as you age so give yourself a surgery and injection free eye lift! Placing an eye liner gel pencil under your upper lashes will open the eye and give you the illusion of having thicker lashes so feel free to skip the mascara!

Eye brows frame the eyes. If eyes are the window to your soul, then you want a great frame for your peepers! If your brows are full, then skip this step, but if you don't have brows, have thin brows, or graying brows, you need a frame! Both a brow gel or a very fine brow pencil hold up well. The color should match your natural brow.

Add a little color to your lip! Creamy lipstick or a lip gloss are summer favorites as they hydrate lips. Also look for a product that is paraben free. Go nude or let a pop of color give you just the right look!

Why no blush? Summer heat often gives you more natural color. If you need more, then add a little blush (or use that cream lipstick color for your blush) and have a perfect summer glow. 5 products, less than 5 minutes, and you’re on to summer fun! Message me if you want help finding the right products for you.

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