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Retirement Fact or Fantasy? No one works once they retire.

Are you saying, “I’m definitely going to relax and not work after I retire.”? I did. But here’s the truth. Your retirement vision may be lingering over coffee and reading the paper, luncheons, and dinner with friends, and playing with grandkids or doing everything you enjoy in between. No one tells you where to be or when to be there.

Retirement arrives. You are living the good life. You plan for it, your dream about it, and when the day arrives it doesn’t “look” like you envisioned. Find out why thousands of retirees rejoin the workforce that has nothing to do with money. The reasons may surprise you!

1. Free time to do everything you wanted, but you aren’t happy. You definitely will have more time and your savings are on target. You catch up on your projects, read the books on your list, and spend time on hobbies you love. Retirees relax and are busy for the first week or two, but then find this time as a double-edged sword which is especially true when significant others, friends, or family did not retire yet. Many retirees decide to consult, find a new career or start a new business because they are bored or miss being around others!

2. Your favorite hobby becomes bigger than you imagined. You had dabbled in your favorite hobbies and were excited to have more time. You knew there would be more costs if you spent more time on your hobby but didn’t plan for this to “be a job.” Others see your knowledge and offer you an opportunity to share what you love with others and be paid for your time and in a blink of the eye, you are working again! (And loving every minute!)

3. Volunteer time turns in to something more. You finally have time to get more involved with your favorite non-profit. You love the few hours a week you spend giving your time and talents to this charity. You become the person they turn to if they need more – more time, new initiatives, new ideas. Then the person in charge is leaving and they reach out to you as a perfect fit to take over. Bam – you are now back in the workforce but in an area near and dear to your heart!

4. Your favorite shop is closing. You love your bike and you are the person everyone turns to with questions on what to buy, the best place to ride, and what is new in the industry. The bike shop owner approaches you out of the blue to share they are moving across the country and will be closing the shop. You always dreamed of having your own business but after the disappointment of the store closing set in, you start to toy with the idea of buying the business. Bikes are your passion, the staff is terrific, the business is booming, and you have the funds to become the new owner. Voila! The dream of being a business owner comes true.

5. Something speaks to you and changes your life.

This was me. I wasn’t looking for a new career or business opportunity. I was happy with my life when an opportunity came knocking – at a garage sale no less! Now, I have my own business in a field without any training. I work my own hours, from any location, travel the world, and all while I’m helping others gain confidence and realize their dreams. Who says you can’t have it all?

My advice? Plan for your retirement day but when it arrives don’t be surprised when incredible things happen that you never envisioned. It isn’t always about money. Retirement is having the time of your life and seizing adventures you never planned. Maybe the adventure is a new career that will keep the bounce in your step. It may not be about the money but who doesn’t love a little extra cash in your pocket from doing something you love!

Answer your door, here's opportunity knocking!

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