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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a special day to recognize the important woman in your life. What is the best gift? Something they hold precious, time with you. Time together is the single best gift anyone can give. Now, what you do with that time may be very different, right? Yes, it may be chocolate, or a play, or flowers, or a special restaurant. But to sit quietly together is also priceless. If distance if a factor, a phone call or perhaps FaceTime or Zoom call!

Another very special gift that costs very little is a special note. The woman you honor will be able to hold your thoughts in their hand and read your message time and time again. There are also special books you may create. One of my daughters sent me a book she made and I keep it next to my bed. It is where I place special notes to read when I’m missing someone. Seeing the book sitting there brings a smile to my face every day.

Now, if you ask me for specific advice on a fun morning or afternoon, I have a perfect idea! Whether you recognize one special lady or if you are fortunate to have three or four generations to celebrate together, special girl time is just the thing. How should girls 5 - 85 spend a few hours together and do something some fun for everyone? My recommendation is a little drink, a little something to nibble, and a little makeup! Maybe a gift certificate would be perfect as who doesn’t smile when they try a new lip color!

Remember, the best gifts cost very little. Time is a beautiful gift. A simple note is a treasure. Whichever way decide to recognize the special ladies in your life, most important is to let them know how important they are to you. None of us get tired of hearing someone say, I love you Mom.

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