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Why LimeLight by Alcone - Why Now?

Have you ever watched something grow and wished you had jumped in and not stayed on the sidelines? My personality is cautious and I often sit, study and watch until I realize I’m missing out. It could be as small as joining in a game of charades at a party or as major as taking a chance on an opportunity that just might make all my dreams come true.

Why do I do this? Why do I usually watch others have fun or watch others go after their dreams? Fear. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure. Fear of others laughing at me. Fear of what others may say or think. Have you ever felt this fear? What would make you step outside your fear?

For me, LimeLight by Alcone has been the change. How did this happen? Why did a woman over 40 who never wore much makeup think she could be successful in sales in the beauty industry? How could I possible take that jump from a stable career with a study income to even consider starting my own business?

It started with incredible high-end products that I found when I wasn’t looking. The skin care is natural which was important to me as there has been considerable cancer in my family. The anti-aging Sotoks and the moisturizer felt better on my face than the natural products I had been using. The makeup was weightless on my face and the coverage was exceptional – all the age spots and broken blood vessels were invisible. How could beauty products make me feel more confident? That is the secret of professional makeup. It was a secret I wanted to shout out to all women!

If the feel of the product line wasn’t enough, when I looked at the pricing I was hooked as a user of all things LimeLight. These high-end beauty products were affordably priced AND I could try the products and order them in the comfort of my home! So how could anyone join this company and make an income to meet their needs? Having an exceptional compensation plan – that’s how! To have women be paid their worth is what drives our company and allows all of us to win.

Now for the hard part, joining a direct sales company – who would want to be “one of those” people? You may have an impression that men and women in direct sales are pushy, aggressive and you need to run quickly in another direct OR not make eye contact, right? Well, that is NOT the way we do things at LimeLight. The culture in this company is one of collaboration not competition. One of sharing our products and not selling the products. One of working from a place of abundance, not scarcity. If the products and the compensation weren’t enough, then the culture of this company is what sealed the deal!

That is the Why for joining LimeLight. Being an Ambassador and one of the first Beauty Guides is an honor. Being a leader with this company and assisting others to start their business and find the success they are looking for is incredibly rewarding. Hard work and fun can be found together. So why is now the time? Why should you stop watching from the sideline and jump in, especially when so many direct sales companies don’t survive? Let me tell you why the time is now.

First, LimeLight by Alcone is a family owned company that has been in the beauty industry for decades. As our CEO states, “We are not a direct-selling brand that decided to go into beauty. We are 65 years of tried-and-true beauty expertise that is now bringing everything we know and love in to homes. There is a difference.” By being in the professional makeup world, the reputation and integrity of the product line will always be maintained. Ensuring that our products meet the level needed for credibility in film, photograph and red-carpet events is something our CEOs will continue to ensure.

Second, how things are being done at LimeLight by Alcone is so different it has caught the attention of the international beauty industry. L’Occitane is a leader in the natural skin care industry and reached out to partner with us. L’Occitane wanted LimeLight to continue to do what they are doing, but they wanted to be a part of taking these products and this culture globally. Our international expansion is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on this explosion!

Third, the growth of this company has far exceeded any expectations in the industry. In months that typically have been slow months in direct sales, we continued to experience hyper-growth. Though we are represented in all 50 states, we have less than 25,000 active Beauty Guides in the country. Despite all the natural disasters that have impacted the country this year, we still have the potential to be one of the fastest sales growing companies in the beauty industry in the last three years! The first conference in June of 2015 there were under 25 attendees, in 2018 the corporate office is planning and event for 85,000 attendees – don’t you want to be a part of this growth?

These are the reasons to join LimeLight. These are the reason to join now and be a part of this growth. These are the reasons I’m proud to be an Ambassador and Leader with this company. If you are ready to get off the sidelines and become a part of the movement then I would be honored to help you get started and see your dreams come true!

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