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Eyebrow Enthusiast

There has been so much talk about having the perfect eyebrows. With it being such a hot topic I’m surprised so many people still aren’t informed as to how to make that happen. For those of you who wonder why you should fill in your brows, the purpose is to thicken them if yours are thinning, darken them if yours are very light or graying or to shape them if they simply aren’t doing what you want them to. By no means does anyone have to fill in their brows! In fact, I don’t fill in my brows because I have blonde hair and sometime when I fill them in I feel like it makes my eyebrows too dark if I don't have the perfect color. The whole point of any makeup is to do what makes you feel good and that is the same for your brows.

If you want a few new tips on what to do - then this post is perfect for you! I will show you a simple way to fill in your brows that is sure to look good! (Bear with me on the pictures, my dorm room lighting is unforgiving.)

The first step is picking a color that is as close to your hair color as possible and then go to a little lighter. This way it looks natural and blends in perfectly. Next, you need the right tool. This brow brush by LimeLight is the Brow Tamer Brush and every time I fill in my eyebrows this is the brush I use.

If you line the brush up vertical next to you nose, that is the point where your brow should start.

Then if you keep the brush at your nose and tip it away from your face crossing your eye, that’s the point where the peak of your brow should be.

If you bring the brush out further to the end of your eye, that is where your brow should stop.

All brows are individualized to each person’s face so this is an easy tool to help you get started.

From there I always apply the powder at the end of my brow first because that’s where my brow is the thinnest, therefore needing the most color. I angle the brush and apply it with the skinny side (or shortest end) of the brush so I can get my brow to end at a nice point.

Then I will go back to the inside of my brow and turn my brush so I am using the thick side (longest ends) and brush the powder upward in short strokes. This gives the appearance of of short hairs and it also combs my hairs in the same direction they grow for a more natural look.

Here is the final look (just for the one brow)!

You don’t have to fill in your brows if you don’t feel it’s necessary, but if you do remember that eyebrows are sisters not twins! Hope this helps!

-Daughter Number Four

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