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Live, Love, Lip Colors!

With the weekend approaching people are busy making plans on how to spend their time. Whether you are staying in with your kids, going out with your special someone or having a movie night with your roommate (like me) there is one thing that will make all the difference: your lips! It’s always the perfect time to mix things up and try a warm new lip color no matter the occasion. When your lips look good you feel good!

LimeLight by Alcone has enduring lip colors, lip sticks and plenty of gloss colors to pick from. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to try pinks, reds or even a fun purple.

Let’s break it down and talk about each option…


If you are looking for a more natural or subtle tone the enduring lip color Creme Brulee is perfect. Ash, from the Limited Edition Lotti Collection, is a great choice for a pink with more depth. If you’re more on the daring side you can never go wrong with Cupcake. As for lipstick, Girls Night Pout is another great color and it has a really creamy feel that everyone can appreciate.


LimeLight’s Paint the Town lipstick is your basic bold red look that is always a great go to. However, more of a bold look would be to try the enduring lip color Cherry Pie or Carmel Apple, as they both have a pop of color great for a night out. My mom would never let me get away with a post about lips and not mention Wedding Cake so of course I’m adding it to the list. This is a deeper color with a shimmer and will make any look more sophisticated.


I love more of a wild lip so my go to would be the enduring lip color Sugar Plum which is more of a daring look. Of course I must also mention the lipstick Plum Luck which has a softer tone, but is just as flirty! There are also some great dark colors in the Onyx Collection for those of you looking for something bold.

You can always mix enduring lip colors for your own signature look! Or if you need to tone down a color add Creme Brulee or Macaroon to reach a different shade. All of the enduring lip colors have a matte finish, however, for any look you can always add a gloss to get that glow. My go to lip gloss is Bliss because it goes on clear but adds the perfect shine.

Any weekend is the perfect combination of fun night out or a quiet night in and nothing goes better with that than playing with the perfect lip color. Enjoy your weekend, but most importantly I hope you all feel beautiful!

-Daughter Number Four

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