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It All Starts With Your Skin

Even before you can start to apply makeup you have to take care of all of your skin. This is true not just for your face, but it is also important to scrub away all the dead skin cells on arms and legs too! I cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate all of your skin. This process allows us to clear away dead skin and remove dirt and bacteria deep in your pores. Once you exfoliate your skin, your moisturizer can fully penetrate your skin and do exactly what it was designed to do.

For me being in college and living in the dorm it’s not all that easy to fully scrub your body when you have to stay in an upright position and your hands can only stray so far from you sides in the public bathrooms. However, when I do take the time to exfoliate which is about once a week, I use Bamboo Renew. It’s a LimeLight body care product and just like everything in LimeLight's body care line it is all natural.

This product isn’t an oil scrub like some I have tried and I can really feel it removing the dead skin from my body instead of just rubbing it around in circles like other products I have tried. Yet, it still has moisture so your skin doesn’t feel dry or cracked after you use it. Bamboo Renew uses fine particles so it’s not too rough, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. Not to mention it has a clean and natural sent so you don’t smell like you took a bath or shower in perfume!

I highly recommend you exfoliate regularly to keep your skin healthy. Once you exfoliate go ahead and moisturize with your favorite product - mine is Creme of the Crop. Remember it all starts with your skin!

-Daughter Number Four

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