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Spring Break Sweet Treats

So as it turns out my mom and I spend more time in restaurants or enjoying "to go" boxes than actually using our own kitchen. I guess being the only two home for spring break encouraged us to splurge a little more. However, there was one thing that I had been craving and that was chocolate chip pancakes. I’m not a huge breakfast fan but there is something about chocolate chip pancakes that I just can’t seem to ignore.

In our home my mom mixes up the pancake batter - you can do this from scratch or from a box and today we took the quick route and used a mix. Now, for the perfect chocolate chip pancake, something that we don’t do is to add the chocolate chips directly to the batter. Maybe it’s just me being picky, but I can’t stand when all of the chocolate chips are in one bite of my pancake and then there are none in the rest.

After my mom pours the batter in the pan she calls me over for my special application of chips! I sprinkle the chocolate chips just where I want them. The trick for a great pancake is to get an even distribution of chocolate chips for every bite. If you wanted to make things really fancy, you could even make shapes or write a word if your heart desired (my Mom made letters or heart shapes when I was little). This morning we happened to use mini chocolate chips, but if you’re feeling like you need a little extra chocolate in your pancakes in the morning the normal sized chips work fine too. Better yet - you could add butterscotch or white chocolate chips for a variety of flavorful pancakes!

Of course eating them is my favorite part! I like to enjoy my pancakes with juice, today it to happened to be orange for a little kick of citrus.

After we are done making the pancakes my mom puts the batter in an old jam jar and screws on the lid. It’s mess free and allows you to save the extra batter for more pancakes the next day!

Having a little extra sugar in my breakfast is always a plus, but I really enjoying being able to start my day off by spending time with my mom. I may have spent spring break at home but it was still full of lots of sweet treats!

-Daughter Number Four

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