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Live, Love, Lip Colors!

With the weekend approaching people are busy making plans on how to spend their time. Whether you are staying in with your kids, going out with your special someone or having a movie night with your roommate (like me) there is one thing that will make all the difference: your lips! It’s always the perfect time to mix things up and try a warm new lip color no matter the occasion. When your lips look good you feel good! LimeLight by Alcone has enduring lip colors, lip sticks and plenty of gloss colors to pick from. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to try pinks, reds or even a fun purple. Let’s break it down and talk about each option… Pinks- If you are looking for a more natural or sub

It All Starts With Your Skin

Even before you can start to apply makeup you have to take care of all of your skin. This is true not just for your face, but it is also important to scrub away all the dead skin cells on arms and legs too! I cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate all of your skin. This process allows us to clear away dead skin and remove dirt and bacteria deep in your pores. Once you exfoliate your skin, your moisturizer can fully penetrate your skin and do exactly what it was designed to do. For me being in college and living in the dorm it’s not all that easy to fully scrub your body when you have to stay in an upright position and your hands can only stray so far from you sides in the public bath

Spring Break Sweet Treats

So as it turns out my mom and I spend more time in restaurants or enjoying "to go" boxes than actually using our own kitchen. I guess being the only two home for spring break encouraged us to splurge a little more. However, there was one thing that I had been craving and that was chocolate chip pancakes. I’m not a huge breakfast fan but there is something about chocolate chip pancakes that I just can’t seem to ignore. In our home my mom mixes up the pancake batter - you can do this from scratch or from a box and today we took the quick route and used a mix. Now, for the perfect chocolate chip pancake, something that we don’t do is to add the chocolate chips directly to the batter. Maybe i

Spring Break Fun... Stay Tuned!

When my mom asked me to blog for her she told me I could write about a variety of topics. I’ve discovered that I tend to make up ideas as I go and write about what interests me that day. Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about spring break which for me starts this Friday when my mom comes to pick me up from collete. I can’t wait to be home. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do, as well as eating everything I can get my hands on! I thought, why not combine them both? I’m going to go out on a limb here and try something new: over spring break I am going to cook some new recipes with my mom and share the results with everyone! This is a perfect way to spend quality time

Seeing The Beauty in You

Every woman, young or old, can understand the inner struggle of seeing yourself as beautiful. I know as a nineteen year old in my first year of college I’m constantly trying new things and trying to figure out who I am. For me that includes liking myself in my own skin. I am what my mom calls “tall and lean” and what my friends say “a blonde with spidery long legs.” But if I’m being honest with all of you, those comments don’t always make me feel beautiful. Don’t get me wrong when I think I look good I’m not afraid to say it. Yet, I still struggle with days where I feel like a greasy mess or like nothing fits right. I want to share how I am coming to see my beauty on my own and hopefully it

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